{Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri}


Throughout these pages, and the pages of most other works related to the Shikoku Pilgrimage, you will come across a number of untranslated Japanese words. These words are so well known amoung people familiar with the pilgrimage that most of us, if not all of us, don't bother to translate them anymore. It is like the Buddhist terms, zazen, dharma, and bodhisattva - they are known by the vast majority of readers and, therefore, understandable in their mother tongue.

Below is a list of the words that i think you will see most often, with my translation and explanation. In addition, i have added several other words that, while always translated into English, may come in handy if you are trying to talk about the pilgrimage to someone with poor English speaking abilities. If you would like to see other words added, feel free to send me a note. (Contact information).

General Vocabulary Locations within Temple Compounds
Henro Necessities Main Temple Names
Lodging Bangai Temple Names
Jūsan Butsu (13 Buddhas) Temple Honzon