{Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri}

--Miscellaneous Pictures of the Henro Trail--

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Stairs At One Of The Minshuku

Typical Minshuku Room
Most nights are in rooms like this.

People Hang Plaques At Temples...

...Asking for Success in Life/Business/School

The kanji for Kōbō (Daishi)

The "Man" — Kōbō Daishi

1000 Paper Cranes

Shops at Ishiteji

Interesting roadside statue

Shops at one of the temples

Room in Temple 58 Shukubō

Garden behind house where i
received coffee settai

Stop Smoking Advertisement

Osame Fuda (Nameslips)

Typical Business Hotel Room

Cable Car to Mt Kōya

Lots of Paper Cranes
(Due to the Fukushima Disaster)

Water well dug by Kōbō Daishi

Paintings on temple ceiling

One of many statues at Bangai 14,
a fertility temple

Fake children arrive to
encourage dying rural town

Even fake children need
their bikes fixed

"Couples Rock" between
Temples 23 & 24

Tibetan Prayer Wheels
at Temple 66

Not all henro are human

There's even fake shop-
keepers for the fake kids