{Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri}


Simple map of the island with temple numbers for the main 88 temples.

A clickable version of the map at the top. Click in one of the squares to zoom into that area.

Elevation Profile
Oh, this is nice. Very nice. The incredibly kind editor of the English guidebook Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide has provided us with an elevation profile of the henro trail showing the elevation changes as you progress around the island.

Click image to enlarge, but be warned, two of these file are large.

Entire profile,
in one long line.
Reformatted to make
it easier to print.
Legend by itself,
in case you want to
print it separately.

(If you want to comment on the profile, or make any suggestions, send me a note at the address on the 'Contact Me' page. Or, if you want to communicate with the editor, you can do so in the Online Forum, in the section set aside for the guidebook.)

Thanks for your efforts, Matsushita-san.

Google Maps
John Cant put together a Google Map showing the location of the 88 main temples on the henro trail. The map is called, appropriately, The 88 Temples of Shikoku Henro.

Thanks for your efforts, John.

Wall Poster/Map
The Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association is making available a wall poster-size map of the henro trail. It is being published in English, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Korean. 30,000 copies will be published in English and 20,000 in each of the Asian languages. Released in July '07, it is being distributed worldwide through JNTO (Japanese National Tourist Organization). To get a copy:
  1. Send an email request to info@shikoku.gr.jp.

  2. The subject of the email should be: Pilgrimage to the 88 Sacred Places Guide Map Request.

  3. The body of the email should be: I would like a copy of the __(which language)__ Shikoku Pilgrimage Guide Map. Please send to: ___(name and address)___.

The Shikoku Tourism Promotion Association will pay the overseas postage to mail them out for a limited number of maps.

The poster is about 1m x 1m in size (3' x 3') with the map on one side. On the other side there is a lot of general information crammed into every square centimeter, with topics such as:

While it is a good general overview of the henro trail, it does not provide the detail that is provided in either the English or Japanese guidebooks that you will use to walk the trail. So, while this is nice to have to give you a large picture overview of what you are getting into, or what you just did, or for your family back home to follow your travels while you walk, this can not replace the maps in the guidebooks.

(Just so you know, if you buy the English guidebook (Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide) the publisher usually includes a copy of this map when he ships the book so there is no need to order it from JNTO in that case.)

NOTE: The Organization for Promotion of Tourism in Shikoku has an online version of this poster/map available for download here. (CAUTION: 10MB!!!)

Other Maps