{Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri}

---(Henro Supplies)---

Looking for somewhere to buy henro supplies from outside of Japan? I highly recommend this store. The website is in Japanese, but they have plans to add English someday. In any case, if you want something, contact them and i'm sure they'll help. The owner speaks English fluently.

Located just below Kirihataji, Temple 10, you should stop in for a cup of tea even if you don't buy anything from them online.

Until they get more English online, here's help with the contact page and the shopping menu using two screenshots from their website.

The contact form is pretty self-explanatory. Not much i can add here except that all inputs are required. If you find something you want, contact them with this form and tell them what you want.

The shopping menu is a drop down on the top of the main page (here). The below correspond to the numbers in the screenshot above.

1. Bargain Set.
2. Hakui. Ohenro Trousers.
3. Kongozue (Walking Stick). Sugegasa (Sefge Hat). Tsuefukuro (Walking Stick Bags).
4. Wagesa. Wagesa Clips.
5. Nenju (Mala). Udewa Nenju (Wrist Malas).
6. Jirin (Bell). Bōshi (Hat). Other items.
7. Pilgrimage Bags.
8. Nokyōchō (Stamp Books). Goeichō (Book w/ Temple Goei)
9. Kyōhon (Sutra Book). Same Fuda (Name Slips). Shakyō Paper.
10. Incense. Candles. Lighter. Other.
11. Nōkyōjiku (Hanging Scrolls For Temple Stamps).
12. Other.

Let me know if you need help.