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  10. Updated What Does It Cost? Page (5/26/15)
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  14. Updated the Walking/Lodging page with some more in-detail explanations (1/13/14)
  15. Added Armin Howald's journal to the Other Information/Other Journals page for his 2011-2014 walk. (11/30/14)
  16. Changed the link on the Other Information page for the comparison of the Camino de Santiago and Shikoku's Henro (11/30/14)
  17. Added a new page called "Main Temples, Bangai Temples, & Okunoin" to the Walking page (11/7/14)
  18. Added two links on the Planning page that compare the Camino de Santiago and the Shikoku Henro (11/7/14)
  19. Added two books to the bibliography: (11/7/14)
    Selected Stories from the Shikoku Reigen Kiōki and The Way of the 88 Temples: Journeys on the Shikoku Pilgrimage
  20. Added link to new, 2014, list of free lodging to Free Lodging page. (Japanese only) (8/29/14)
  21. Corrected one entry in list of free lodging from 2009 (8/29/14)
    Was: "Between Temples 11 & 12: Zenkonyado along the main prefectural highway, just before Ryuusui-an."
    Corrected: "Between Temples 11 & 12: Zenkonyado along the main prefectural highway, just after Ryuusui-an."
  22. Added link to Kindle version of Visiting the Sacred Sites of Kukai to the books section (8/29/14)
  23. Added Eric van Bemmel to list of Known Henro in Australia (6/24/14)
  24. Added The Matrix and Diamond World Mandalas in Shingon Buddhism to the Religious Foundations & General Japanese Buddhism section of the bibliography (2/5/14)
  25. Added two documents to the Religious Foundations & General Japanese Buddhism section of the bibliography (2/4/14)
    - Shingon Buddhism; KIYOTA Minoru
    - The Rishukyō: A Translation and Commentary in the Light of Modern Japanese (Post-Meiji) Scholarship. Ian ASTLEY
  26. Added a place to possibly store your unneeded "stuff" while on Shikoku to the Planning/What To Take page (1/7/14)
  27. Updated the temperatures in the table on the Planning/When To Go page (1/1/14)
  28. Added 2 books to the bibliography: (9/20/13)
    The 89th Temple (Fiction) & Running the Shikoku Pilgrimage (General Info)
  29. Added a "Fiction" category to the bibliography (9/20/13)
  30. Added Kōyasan: Maps (2/5/13)
  31. Added Kōyasan: Where To Stay (2/5/13)
  32. Added Kōyasan: How To Get There (2/4/13)
  33. Slight editing of the "What To Wear" page (2/3/13)
  34. Added links to the 2012 NHK Journeys In Japan: Ohenro documentary video on the "Books, Papers, & Videos" page (12/31/12)
  35. Added picture of area in front of The Daishi's mausoleum that i scanned from an official brochure to the bottom of the Daishi's history page (11/16/12)
  36. Added map of hotels around the Tokushima JR train station to the Planning/How To Get There page and the main Walking page (10/26/12)
  37. Added Steve Williams to the list of Known Henro (10/26/12)
  38. Added the paper "Attaining Enlightenment with this Body": Primacy of Practice in Shingon Buddhism at Mount Koya, Japan to the Books & Papers page (10/19/12)
  39. Added the paper The Founder Reinterpreted: Kūkai And Vraisemblant Narrative to the Books & Papers page (10/19/12)
  40. Added the book What Am I?: Everyone's guide to the Heart Sutra to the Books & Papers page (10/19/12)
  41. Added the book An Arrow To The Heart: A Commentary On The Heart Sutra to the Books & Papers page (10/19/12)
  42. Added the book Two On A Pilgrimage: The 88 Holy Places of Shikoku to the Books & Papers page (10/19/12)
  43. Began the process of rewriting the Heart Sutra explanation. Not a major rewrite this time but adding/deleting/changing words and sentences. I'll finish this over the next few days, and have hopes of completely rewriting it in the future. (10/13/12)
  44. Rewrote parts of the "Walking/Telephones & Internet Connectivity" page (10/12/12)
  45. Added one paragraph (beginning with "Yes and no.") to the "Walking/Camping Out" page in the section on spending the night at Shinto Shrines. (9/28/12)
  46. Added "By Bike Around Shikoku" & "A Sense of Direction" to Books & Papers page (8/27/12)
  47. Rewrote the Nōkyōchō section of the "What To Do At The Temples" page (8/2/12)
  48. Added Paolo Calvino's blog post to list of Other Journals (4/15/12)
  49. Added Stuart Dubois' journal to the Other Journal page (4/15/12)
  50. Added Stuart Dubois in London to list of Known Henro (4/15/12)
  51. Added Cody Odell in China to list of Known Henro (4/15/12)
  52. Added information about new book: Visiting The Sacred Sites of Kūkai (3/5/12)
  53. Added a section on Hyakudo Ishi to the "What To Do At The Temples" page (2/29/12)
  54. Added a new page to the glossary called "Temple Honzon" (2/23/12)
  55. Rewrote the list of Honzon on the "Temple Trivia" page (2/23/12)
  56. Rewrote the list of mantras you chant at each temple on the "What To Do At The Temples" page (2/23/12)
  57. Edited the Telephone & Internet Connectivity page (1/21/12)
  58. Added a new section to the bottom of the page on the history of Kōbō Daishi (1/19/12)
  59. Edited the Walking/What To Do page (1/18/12)
  60. Began the process of consolidating pictures under one link on the My Trips page (1/17/12)
  61. Complete face lift for the web site. Let me know if you particularly love or hate the new look (1/7/12)
  62. Added a new Guide Services page to the Other Information page (1/4/12)
  63. Added a link on the Lodging page to an online reservation page for Mt. Kōya shukubō
    Reservations are actually done by fax or phone, but... (12/23/11)
  64. Added Kaiyu to the list of Lodging Recommendations (12/23/11)
  65. Edited the beginning of my Heart Sutra explanation (11/17/11)
  66. Added "Attaining Enlightenment with this Body: Primacy of Practice in Shingon Buddhism at Mt. Koya, Japan" to the Foundations section of the bibliography (11/17/11)
  67. Added Chanoch Lipperman to Known Henro list (10/25/11)
  68. Added Elizabeth Smith to Known Henro list (10/19/11)
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  71. Added link to new map on the 'Maps' page
    Added link to online brochures related to tourism on Shikoku on 'Maps' page (8/24/11)
  72. Added trail elevation profiles to the 'Maps' and 'Walking/How Far To Walk Each Day' pages (8/21/11)
  73. Added Moza Rella to Known Henro list (8/6/11)
  74. Added Justin Phillips to Known Henro list (1/6/11)
  75. Added Ben Sheppard to Known Henro list (12/13/10)
  76. Added two papers to the General Information section of the Books & Papers page.
    About Tatsueji and About Kakurinji, both by David Moreton (10/30/10)
  77. Added Whitney Vosburgh to the Known Henro list (10/17/10)
  78. Added A Critical Analysis of the Buddhist 88-Temple Pilgrimage on Shikoku Island, Japan to the list of General Information books (10/9/10)
  79. Added Lynn Jennings of Canada to Known Henro List
    Added Christiane Fitzpatrick of France to Known Henro List (10/9/10)
  80. Added a new "You Want To Walk & Use Public Transportation?" page that coorelates
    to the second (2009) edition of the Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide guidebook (8/3/10)
  81. Added a Henro Crossword 2 to Other Information page (7/31/10)
  82. Added Alicia Wszelaki to the Known Henro page,
    added her YouTube video to the Other Information/Google-YouTube Videos page, and
    added her photo journal to the Other Journals page (7/29/10)
  83. Added a new Online Forum to the Other Information page (7/28/10)
  84. Added new informaion about renting a mobile phone while on the trail to the Walking/Telephone & Internet Connectivity page (7/11/10)
  85. Added a new page ("Credits") to the Other Information page where i'm trying to consolidate the list of people who have contributed information to the site. (7/11/10)
  86. Added link on the Planning & Other Information pages to a nice comparison of the Shikoku Henro Trail and the Camino de Santiago, prepared by Gideon Lewis-Kraus (7/11/10)
  87. Added a crossword puzzle to Other Information page (6/28/10)
  88. Rearranged layout of Known Henro list by geographical location (6/19/10)
  89. Added Jacqueline Horne to Known Henro list (6/19/10)
  90. Added James Campbell to Known Henro list (6/14/10)
  91. Added link on Other Information/Google-YouTube Videos page for James Campbell's video montage of his Shikoku photographs (6/14/10)
  92. Added Andreas Mielick to Known Henro list (6/7/10)
  93. Added Lu Barnham's articles to Other Information: Other Journals page (3/28/10)
  94. Added Matt Jardine's videos of his henro walk to Other Information: Google/YouTube Videos page (3/28/10)
  95. Added Susan Tennant's new book "The 1918 Shikoku Pilgrimage of Takamure Itsue" to book list (3/28/10)
  96. Added link to new list of free lodging (3/10/10)
  97. Added Helen Garan's video to the Books & Papers/Videos page (12/31/09)
  98. Added Armin Howald's journal to Other Journals page (12/31/09)
  99. Offering discount on remaining 1st edition 88 Route Guide guidebooks (12/12/09)
  100. Added Allan Marett to list of Known Henro (12/12/09)
  101. Added Armin Howald to list of Known Henro (11/29/09)
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  103. Added Todd Wassel to list of Known Henro (11/20/09)
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  105. Added info from Phil Rodriguez to Camping Out page (10/25/09)
  106. Edited the Preparation/Training & Your Feet page (10/25/09)
  107. Added Jan-Willem Paijens to list of Known Henro (10/25/09)
  108. More work on the What To Take page (10/25/09)
  109. Rewrote much of the What To Take page (10/24/09)
  110. Added Dominik Schmitt to Known Henro list (9/7/09)
  111. Added new links to the Other Journal page (8/26/09)
    (Pam & Jeff, Charlie Kirk, and Unknown Henro)
  112. Updated email address of Known Henro Sandie Howie (8/26/09)
  113. Added Benedict Campbell to list of Known Henro (8/26/09)
  114. 99% finished new page on Walking/Public Transportation option (8/19/09)
  115. Added link to Shodoshima 88 temple pilgrimage to Other Web Sites/Other Links page (6/30/09)
  116. Added new page on Lodging Recommendations to Walking page (6/28/09)
  117. Added link to book by Lisa Dempster to Books & Papers page (6/27/09)
  118. Added information on cost to Walking/Camping Out page (6/27/09)
  119. Added link to WritingTravellers guidebook on Other Information/Other Web Sites page (6/27/09)
  120. Began work on a new page for people who want to walk and use public transport (6/23/09)
  121. Added Lena Bauer to Known Henro list (6/22/09)
  122. Added link to Britta Eisermann's blog about her 2009 walk of the henro to Other Info/Other Journals page (6/20/09)
  123. Added Eiji Okawa's MA thesis about Shikoku to General Info section of Books & Papers (6/20/09)
  124. Edited Books & Papers/Videos and Other Information/Google/YouTube Videos pages (6/20/09)
  125. Added Chris Pearce and Britta Eisermann to Known Henro list (6/19/09)
  126. Added book Sacred Kōyasan to list of books. (6/19/09)
    (Thought i did this long ago, but guess i'm getting old and forgetful.)
  127. Changed name and email address of Known Henro Eleanor Lefever-Taschen (6/15/09)
  128. Added Sam Miller, Noah Zimmerman, & Eiji Okawa to list of Known Henro (6/15/09)
  129. Added new link to publishers ordering site for Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide (6/8/09)
  130. Added Guillaume Sarah to list of Known Henro (6/8/09)
  131. Updated distance between main temples in each prefecture on Temple Info. page (5/31/09)
  132. Added Jordan Benoit to Known Henro list (5/30/09)
  133. Changed very first and very last kanji in pdf version of Heart Sutra (5/24/09)
  134. Added link to historical maps on the Other Maps section of the Maps page (5/24/09)
  135. Minor editing throughout the site (5/1/09)
  136. Adding new/replacing some old pictures throughout the site (5/1/09)
  137. Added someone's opinion that walking in February or November is best to When To Go page (4/28/09)
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  139. Added link to Oliver Statler biography to Other Info page (4/28/09)
  140. Corrected one kanji in pdf version of Heart Sutra and a few other English wording changes (4/28/09)
  141. Added info on a new DVD from Tokushima University (4/13/09)
  142. Converted Known Henro email addresses to gif files to stop spam (i hope) (4/13/09)
  143. Added The Heart Sutra by Geshe Rinchen to list of books (4/1/09)
  144. Added link to John Cant's Google Map of the Shikoku temples (3/24/08)
  145. Added link to article written by Wayne Emde to Other Journals page (2/26/09)
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  149. Updated Packing section of What To Take (2/7/09)
  150. Updated information on Don Weiss' book Echoes of Incense (2/7/09)
  151. Added the kanji for Nōkyōjo to the Reading Japanese Maps page (2/3/09)
  152. Upated Cost on Telephone pages (1/21/09)
  153. Added Jason Emde to Known Henro list (9/8/08)
  154. Finally finished my 2008 jounal :-( (9/5/08)
  155. Added information on videos about the henro trail to the Books & Papers page (8/28/08)
  156. Added information on new English Guidebook A Journey of the Soul (8/19/08)
  157. Added ability to purchase Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide with PayPal (8/18/08)
  158. Updated information on the Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide English guidebook (2/3/08)
  159. Added information on begging to the How to Go section of the Planning page (1/19/08)
  160. Added information to Books page on where to buy Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide (1/19/08)
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  164. Updated the Upcoming Changes page (12/9/07)
  165. Added another book to the Heart Sutra list of books (11/22/07)
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  167. Added Nathaniel Green's partial blog to the Other Journals page (11/22/07)
  168. Finished working on the Heart Sutra commentary (for a while) (11/21/07)
  169. Added an archive page for previous "Pictures Of The Month" (11/13/07)
  170. Updated information in the Guidebooks section of Books & Papers re: a new English guidebook (10/24/07)
  171. Added Picture of the Month page with first picture by Tom Ward (7/30/07)
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  173. Added new announcement section to main page (7/29/07)
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  175. Added Mary Lynn Howard to Known Henro list (7/29/07)
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  177. Added some writing on the Heart Sutra page (7/11/07)
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  179. Uploaded my last ramblings in the '07 journal. Back Home (7/1/07)
  180. Added Gerald Koll to the Known Henro list (6/16/07)
  181. Added Harry Chapman & Léo Gantelet to the Known Henro list (6/13/07)
  182. Uploaded pictures of statues from my 2007 trip (6/5/07) More still to come.
  183. Added Turner Wright to Known Henro page and his Journal to Other Journals page (5/28/07)
  184. Uploaded the first batch of pictures from my 2007 trip. (5/9/07) More to come
  185. Uploaded more of my journal (5/4/07)
  186. Just got off the trail and uploaded the final schedule and distances, plus some of my journal (5/2/07)
  187. Started adding the henro trail to Google Maps. See the Maps page (4/5/07)
  188. Some changes to the Heart Sutra page and my 2007 journal (3/27/07)
  189. Updated/Started 2007 trip journal (3/3/07)
  190. Updated planned lodging page for 2007 trip (3/2/07)
  191. Updated daily schedule for 2007 trip (2/21/07)
  192. Began the process of making changes to the Heart Sutra page (2/18/07)
  193. First draft of my 2007 trip calendar (2/9/07)
  194. Minor addition to Camping Out page re: using tents (12/26/06)
  195. Added cost and itinerary information for bus henro (10/1/06)
  196. Added Robert Sibley's journal to the Other Journals page (8/20/06)
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  198. Added Rebecca Phares' comments to the Free Lodging list (8/6/06)
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  206. Added Jim Knighten's name to the list of Known Henro (6/19/06)
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  213. Added a new paper written by David Moreton to the General Information section of Books & Papers
    "An Examination of Travel Literature on the Shikoku Pilgrimage Route and Warnings Contained Within" (1/16/06)
  214. Added distance between temples for Kōchi Prefecture (1/16/06)
  215. Made minor updates to Other Journals. (No new names) (1/16/06)
  216. Updated information on my 2006 trip, including schedule (1/14/06)
  217. Added information about my trip in 2006 (1/9/06)
  218. Added Bob Davies to the Known Henro page (1/9/06)
  219. Added the Honzon mantra and Goeika for Bangai Temples 1 - 5 (1/1/06)
  220. Began listing the distance between temples. Added distance for Tokushima Prefecture temples (1/1/06)
  221. Changed the way Temple and Bangai information is displayed (1/1/06)
  222. Added maps 2-C and 2-B, and 1-B to the maps page (12/29/05)
  223. Added maps 2-D, 1-D, and 1-C to the maps page (12/28/05)
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  227. Began work on new, slightly more detailed, maps (12/22/05)
  228. Updated the When To Go page (12/20/05)
  229. Updated the How To Get There page (12/20/05)
  230. Added a few items to the travel section of the Cost Calculator (12/20/05)
  231. Added a new name to the Known Henro list (12/11/05)
  232. Updated the Cost Calculator (v2) on the Planning/Cost page (12/11/05)
  233. Added a basic Cost Calculator to the Planning/Cost page (12/4/05)
  234. Added a new name to the Known Henro list (12/1/05)
  235. Updated the How To Read Japanese Maps page (11/27/05)
  236. Add a little information to the Temple Information page (11/26/05)
  237. Added links to lectures on the Heart Sutra on the Other Web Sites page (11/24/05)
  238. Rewrote the Settai page in the Walking section (11/23/05)
  239. Added link to Bob Davies' journal on the 'Other Journals' page (11/19/05)
  240. Added a few links to the Other Web Sites page (11/10/05)
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  242. Added Nojuku information from Ben Schwartz (10/10/05)
  243. Revamped the look of the entire site (9/11/05)
  244. Added Michael Noakes' online journal (5/15/05)
  245. Added link to Edwina Breitzke's online journal (4/28/05)
  246. Added a How To Get There page to tell people how to get to Shikoku (4/22/05)
  247. Added link to Ōmiya Toshihiro's pilgrimage journal (3/31/05)
  248. Added link to newspaper article about Ryan Armstrong in Other Web Sites (3/28/05)
  249. Added more chapters of Marc Pearl's journal (3/25/05)
  250. Added Where to Start section of Walking page (3/25/05)
  251. Added new information on my trip in April (3/18/05)
  252. Added David Bolster to list of Known Henro (3/16/05)
  253. Added new TURNER article to general pilgrimage books section (3/16/05)
  254. Added chapter 4 of Marc Pearl's journal (3/15/05)
  255. Chanaged information about GOL setup fees on Connectivity page (3/14/05)
  256. Added a link to 'The Temple Guy' on the Other Journals page (3/14/05)
  257. Began new glossary page for the Jūsan Butsu (13 Buddhas). Much more to come (3/14/05)
  258. Added new terms to the Henro Necessities section of the glossary (3/14/05)
  259. Added new terms to the Lodging section of the glossary (3/14/05)
  260. Added new terms to the General Terms section of the glossary (3/14/05)
  261. Added links on the 'Walking' page to pictures of the temple stamps from both the main 88 temples and the 20 bangai temples (3/11/05)
  262. Uploaded a spreadsheet of my total 1999 costs and added a link to it from the Cost section of the Planning page (3/11/05)
  263. Added chapters 2 & 3 of Marc Pearl's journal (3/10/05)
  264. Added Prologue chapter of Marc Pearl's journal (3/8/05)
  265. Added this page so people will know what is updated and when (3/8/05)