{Shikoku Hachijūhachikasho Meguri}


There is free lodging available for those that want it. It's nothing like a paid minshuku or ryokan, and is pretty spartan sometimes, but hey.... it is free (usually).

A new, Spring 2014, list is out in Japanese for those that can read it. I've uploaded the pdf file here.

Until i get around to translating it (which won't be in 2014), the below is a list that has been around for many years.

The below is a translation of an unofficial Japanese language list that is floating around the trail amongst Japanese henro. Several non-Japanese have used it as well and it seems that the locations listed are safe. The list below also includes some notes i added and some added by a 2009 henro at http://henro2009.wordpress.com/data/lodging/.

Tsūyadō = A small hut or building to spend the night
Zenkonyado = Same as Tsūyadō
Zenninyado = Free lodging offered to pilgrims in someone's home
Minshuku/Ryokan = Paid accomodation
A tatami mat is 90 x 180 cm.
Michi no Eki = Outdoors rest area with roof.

(Lastest data available: March 2009)

Near Temple 1 Near Naruto whirlpool: Namasute Guesthouse. ¥2000 for henro. Food provided as settai. (090-7780-1273)
Near Temple 1 Near Naruto Station, Kousouku Naruto etc.: Fujiichigen. Has display of free lodging from Temples 1-88. Provides car as settai. ¥2000. (090-5717-9096)
Between Temples 5 & 6 Mizobuchi Kōmuten (construction company). ¥300. Water & Toilet
Temple 6 Tsūyadō. Tsuyado. 2nd floor of bell tower/temple gate.
Temple 8 Tsūyadō. In parking lot. 3 tatami mats in size.
Between Temples 10 & 11 Kamo no Yu Wake Zenkonyado (Kamo no Yu Onsen). Iyashi no sha. Free lodging, free bicycles, discount on entry to onsen.
Between Temples 11 & 12 Zenkonyado along the main prefectural highway, just after Ryuusui-an.
Temple 12 Hut in mikan orchard. May be able to use, but confirm beforhand. (088-677-0112)
Between Temples 12 & 13 Dōshinzen Dōjō near Jōsan-an. (090-2829-4260)
Between Temples 12 & 13 Hut. After the bridge at Kamiyama Onsen. Another hut in the parking lot.
Between Temples 12 & 13 Abe-san's Zenkonyado before Nabeiwasou. (Look out for white handwritten signboards.) ¥1000.
Between 16 and 17 Sakae Taxi. Zenkonyado. On the 2nd floor of office along Route 6 - mid-point to Temple 17. (088-642-1391) (Shower available?)
Between Temples 17 & 18 Covered shelter attached to the train station in the Meisui neighborhood, which is above the area around West Fire Station.
Between Temples 17 & 18 Shinmachi Onsen in Tokushima City. You canít stay here, but you get free entry to the Onsen.
Between Temples 17 & 18 Henro rest huts in front of Awa Odori Kaikan. (Super exposed in a large city — not recommended unless youíre really desperate)
Between Temples 19 & 20 JR Tachie Station (Unmanned station). Water & toilet.
Between Temples 19 & 20 Jūko-an (?). About 4 km from Temple 19. Prefab building, water, toilet, tatami. Look for signs at an abandoned bus stop.
Temple 20 Below Kakurinji, Temple 20. Can camp at an old, unused elementary school. (Toilet?) There is also a covered shelter a little further down the road.
Between Temples 21 & 22 Michi-no-eki Wajiki. Toilet & water.
Temple 22 Zenkonyado just after leaving Byōdōji, Temple 22. (Light work required in exchange for stay) Kikuya-san, 0884-36-2136.
Temple 23 Hashimoto Zdenkonyado, a old, refurbished bus about 1km before Yakuōji, Temple 23, on Route 55. Call Hashimoto Restaurant (in front of Yakuōji) at 0884-77-0880. Food settai, water, & toilet.
Temple 23 Ashiura Massage (Ask for Anand), in front of Temple 23.
Between Temples 23 & 24 Tōrushii Tea settai at Kriya Yoga Practice Hall (Kriya Yoga Taikenchi). 0884-77-2266.
Between Temples 23 & 24 Tsūyadō at Bangai 4, Saba Daishi (Yasakiji). Very nice and clean
Between Temples 23 & 24 Henro settai lodging in Kaiyō Town. 0884-73-2183.
Between Temples 23 & 24 Rest place in front of Kaifu Station. (nearby supermarket, water/toilet at station). Also a Daishido about 1km away from Kaifu bus stop.
Between Temples 23 & 24 Coffeeshop Hikōsen in Shishikui. Coffe settai for henro.
Between Temples 23 & 24 ?? at Myotokuji in Ikumi. (japanese page 1)
Between Temples 23 & 24 Sakibama. Various places: bus stop, under the bridge, Daishidō (space for 1-2 people).
Between Temples 23 & 24 Tsūyadō. Toyo Daishi at Myotokuji (Toyo-cho, None). 4.5 tatami, water, & toilet.
Temple 25 Low bridge at the beach just before Temple 25. Can get water from the public park by the bridge.
Between Temples 26 & 27 Covered shelter at Kiragawa river; with toilet. Various other places: Rest place in parking lot of Kira Town Machinami-kan. Michi-no-eki Muroto. Michi-no-eki Tano. Park and bus stops in Nahari.
Temple 27 Tsuyado. Call to confirm availability as it's the temple on top of the mountain. (0887-38-5495)
Between 27 and 28 Tosa Kuroshio Railway (Gomen- Nahari line). Can stay the night in the train station building.
Between Temples 27 and 28 Zenkonyado. Along the henro trail near the Nishibun Station in Geisei Village. You must call ahead. Manager: Hagimori-san. 080-1995-4375.
Between Temples 27 and 28 Henro hut in Kōgami section of Kōnan City. Water and blanket.
Temple 29 Nishioka zenkonyado. Just before Temple 29; about 3 km after crossing Monobe River. 0888-63-3715. •¥300.
Between Temples 29 & 30 Covered shelter just before Kamohara City Offices. Water & Toilet.
Between Temples 30 & 31 Godaisan viewing platform. Water & toilet at Temple 31.
Temple 32 Zenkonyado. Just before the temple. 088-847-3341.
Temple 33 Tsuyado
Temple 34 Tsuyado, but you must get your Nokyocho stamped.
Temple 35 Tsuyado.
Between Temples 35 & 36 Covered shelter just before Tsukajizaka Tunnel. Water & Toilet.
Between Temples 35 & 36 Just before Usa Ohashi Bridge (a little west, towards the bay) there is a remodelled bus stop with a place you can stay.
Temple 33 Tsūyadō. 6 tatami, water, toilet.
Temple 34 Tsūyadō. Shower, Must pay stamp (300 yen). Lauree says: Very plesant with shower, futon and duvet provided.
Temple 35 Tsūyadō
Temple 37 Tsūyadō (possible to stay in the garage). Call the temple first ( 0880-22-0376).
Between 37 and 38 New Saga Hot Spring (Saga-cho) (0880-55-7011)
Between 37 and 38 Tosa Seinan Big Park (Irino Matsubara, Okata-cho) - lots of space - good for camping
Between 37 and 38 On Route 321, there is a rest place at Suisha Restaurant (Tosa Shimizu city)
Between 37 and 38 Kubotsu Gyoko (Tosa Shimizu city, Kubotsu) - rest place, but get permission
Mihara course (37-38) NPO Ikiiki Mihara Group (Mihara village) (0880-46-2203) has lodging for 2600yen
Beach course (37-38) Michi no Eki - Meijika no Sato, Otsuki, Sukumo etc. tsūyadō at Kannonzaki Kannon (Tosa Shimizu city). Also other places to sleep outside
Temple 39 Tsūyadō - There is minshuku near the temple and is close to Asahi KenkoLand
Between 39 and 40 Tsūyadō at Matsuo Daishi Hall. (Matsuo pass. Border of Ipponmatsu-cho and Sukumo City)
Temple 40 Tsūyadō. 6 tatami. There is a Michi no Eki Misho, convenience store etc. nearby.
Lauree says: No futon but blankets. No nearby onsen.
Between 40 and 41 Deai 121 (Uchikai village) get permission - possible to stay outside at Suno no Kawa park (water, toilet)
Bangai 8 — The bridge Tsūyadō. 6 tatami (stores, hot spring, laundromat close by).
Lauree says: A bit dingy, but futon and duvet provided.
Between 43 and 44 There are many places to sleep outside in Oda-cho, if you have a tent. But Dave Bolster warns that it is cold.
Between 43 and 44 Free place to stay for pilgrims. Miyata-san (Route 379, past Nagaoka tunnel) Also a Sennin Kinen Daishi Hall
Between 43 and 44 Tsūyadō at Doyama Daishi Hall (Oda-cho).
Dave Bolster says: This tsūyadō was my favrouite on the trip and can fit 10 henros.
Lauree says: A bit hard to find for a non-Japanese speaker, but facility with full kitchen and TV. Sort of frightening outhouse, though. No public onsen.
Between 43 and 44 There is a zenkonyado for walking pilgrims called Ichiriki Minshuku near Temple 44.
Dave Bolster reports that this has shut down.
Between 44 and 45 Rest place in front of Kokumin Shukusha Koiwayaso (lodging). Possible to sleep at various bus stops closeby
Between 44 and 46 Tsūyadō in the Kannon Hall of the Misaka pass along Route 33
Near Temple 45 The the lodging marked #8 on the map about 2.9 km before Temple 45 (Furuiwayasō) is an onsen. Dave Bolster says that there is also a Michi no Eki next door, even though it doesn't appear to be marked on the map. In addition, very near to this, marked with a green triangle on the map is a bus stop with a nice bench and a sliding, closing door.
Temple 47 Tsūyadō - (in the parking lot, 6 tatami, toilet, kitchen)
Temple 51 Tsūyadō - (Dogo Hot Spring 300yen)
Between 51 and 52 Matsuyama Youth Hostel (very cheap) (089-933-6366)
Temple 52 Tsūyadō
Between 53 and 54 Possible to sleep outside at the hut at the Michi no Eki along Route 196 (Hojo City, Oura) with water and toilet
Between 53 and 54 Daishi Hall (Hojo City, Asami) near JR Asami station. Stop by and ask at Coffee Shop Mikasa
Temple 56 Tsūyadō (Lauree says this is no longer a here.)
Temple 58 Tsūyadō (shower, water, toilet)
Between 59 and 60 Hut to the east of Michi no Eki Imabari Yu no Ura Hot Spring, possible to sleep there, water, toilet
Between 59 and 60 Not marked on the map, but Anthony says there is a nice new henro hut on highway 147 around kilometer 20 (about 7km before Temple 60).
Komeiji Tsūyadō (Toyo-shi, Miyoshi) to the east of Nichikiri Daishi (pre-fab bdlg, 6 tatami). Bath house nearby.
Bangai No. 11 Tsūyadō. (Nihara-cho, Imai). Dave Bolster says that the caretaker asked for a thousand yen donation.
Between 59 and 60 Possible to sleep outside at the hut and Ozaki Yawata Shrine on the entrance path up to Temple 60 (water, toilet)
Close to Temple 64 Hut in front of Old People's Rest House east of Maegamiji (#64). Can sleep at JR Ishizuchisan station.
Close to Temple 64 There are various hot spring facilities such as Ishizuchi Hot Spring and Yutani Hot Spring (close to #64)
Between 64 and 65 Bujo Park (Saijo-City, Fukutake) possible to sleep on the east side of Kamogawa(river) (hut, water, toilet)
Between 64 and 65 Possible to sleep outside at Shimin no Mori (Niihama City, Funaki) along Route 11. Entrance is to the east of Daily Yamasaki convenience store.
Bangai 12 Hut (water, toilet). Niihama City, Doi-cho, Irino
Between 64 and 65 Stay at JR Iyodoi station or Iyosangawa station (water, toilet). There is a hut (water, toilet) at Togawa Park (Iyo Mishima City, Kami kashiwagi-cho)
Between 64 and 65 Tsūyadō at Mitani Daishi Hall (Iyo Mishima City, Nakasone-cho). 300m west of entrance to Mishima Park.
Lauree says: No futon or blankets, but there are some seating cushions that could double as futon. Pit toilets and washing water 1 1/2 blocks away from tsuyado.
Between 65 and 66 It is possible to sleep outside at the bus stop in front of Minshuku Okado (3 tatami) on Rte 192 just before temple #66
Temple 66 Anthony says: "Temple 66 has sign indicating a tsūyadō, but i arrived too late to inquire."
Between 66 and 67 There is a Tsūyadō (12 tatami)at Shirafuji Daishi Hall (Kannonji City, Awai-cho) on the way to 67 coming down from66
Between 68 and 69 There is a hut (w/ toilet) at the Zenigata Observation Deck at Temple #68 and 69
Between 69 and 70 It is possible to sleep outside near the toilets in the parking lot of Motoyama Inari Park 300m just before temple #70
Between 70 and 71 It is possible to sleep outside near the kiosk at Michi no Eki Fureai Park Mino just below Temple #71
Temple 75 Ask at the temple office about Ms. Takemoto's Zenkonyado (house with bath)
Between 76 and 77 Zenkonyado. Mandala (Tadotsu-cho, Kuzuhara) 50m north of liquor manufacturer Kinryo
Between 78 and 79 Lodging and hot spring at Shikoku Kenko Mura (Udatsu-cho). Small hut 500m south of #79 along Route 11
Temple 79 Tsyūadō in cemetery. Very small, no windows, kinda funky (according to Anthony).
Temple 81 Tsūyadō
Between 82 and 83 A SenjuKannon Hall 50m west of Iwata Shrine and east of JR Oninashi station. Get permission at Mukai Const. 087-881-2922
Temple 83 Zenkonyado close to temple #83. Ask at the temple stamp office
Temple 85 Possible to sleep outside around the station at the bottom of Yakuri Cable Car or below temple #85
Between 87-88 Possible to sleep outside south of Abe Dental Clinic at Sekisei Tengu (Sanuki City, Nagao Higashi)
Between 87-88 Maeyama Park Camping Area (Nagao-cho) (water, toilet) OR under the roof of Michi no Eki Nagao
Between 87-88 Rest place to the east of Henro Salon across from Michi no Eki Nagao
Temple 88 Tsūyadō. Possible to sleep outside at the bus stop hut in front of the temple gate (shower, water, toilet)

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